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1. Do we meet you at your office at Kenyon's Grist Mill?
If your trip is at the Queen's River, you don't have to go very far, as it is right along side Kenyon's Grist Mill.  If you are planning to travel down the Wood River, the mill is a great place to meet us, use the restroom and unwind before being taken to the river.  All put-in and take-out locations are relatively close by. 

2.  Does a guide have to come with us?
No, you are free to enjoy your adventure on the water with your friends or family alone.  A guide will only go with you if you want one to go with you.  These are flat-water river trips and there isn't much chance of you getting lost unless you get out of the kayak and start hiking through the woodlands that will surround you. We provide safety gear, river orientation and generally advise before you ship out.

3.  Do we have to be finished by a certain time?
Well, yes and no.  You’re free to take as long as you'd like paddling, bring along a picnic and spend the whole day out there, but for your safety we need you to head in an hour before night fall.

4.  Do we need a reservation?
Yes, call and set things up as soon as you decide this is something you want to do.  We'll meet you at the time and place you choose provided others haven't already booked that time/day.  We're early birds so don't be shy about asking for daybreak if that's when you want to go.

5.  What if we need to cancel?
Just call us and let us know.  We understand things happen.  Just please call and let us know if you are unable to make the trip.

6.  What if it's raining?
We keep a very close eye on the weather.  We'll let you know if things don't look good - lightning, high winds.  If it is only a drizzle/ light rain you are free to get out there. 

7.  Do we need experience?
Ideally everyone in your group will have some kayaking experience.  If people in your group don't have experience we recommend you try it out first at Narrow River Kayaks in Narragansett

8.  What if we flip our kayaks?
Before we send you off, we will review safety techniques including recovery.  Each group (1-9+) will have bilge pumps and bailer to help get the water out of an overturned boat.  You'll have a lifejacket on, the kayaks won't sink, the shoreline is never far and the water is really clean and usually pretty warm too.

9.  What is a portage?
A portage is when you have to stop your trip, get yourself and the boat out of the water, go around an obstacle and then re-launch your boat on the other side of the obstacle.

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