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Locations & Prices: Queen's River

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About the River...

We take great pride in the Queen’s River, as it is considered one of the most pristine rivers in southern New England.  A peaceful trip in a largely forested stream, it is abundant in history.  Flowing southwestward, rising out of West Greenwich, it then travels through Exeter and the tiny villages of Liberty and Usquepaugh, until it later converges with Glen Rock Brook to become the Usquepaugh River in South Kingstown.  This is a great trip if you are new at kayaking or if you're looking for an easier, relaxing ride. 

Trip Length & Location
Full Trip - 2 miles (up river and back) | Usquepaugh/West Kingston, South Kingstown

Single Kayak: $30 - Approx. 2 hours
Tandem Kayak: $45 - Approx. 2 hours

Please call for information on group discounts of 10 or more.

Transportation, Parking & Directions
This trip requires no transportation and has no portages.  There is a waterfall on the opposite side of your travels.  We ask you to stay a minimum of 50 feet away.  Easy, convenient, and calm waters - just slide in and out of this pristine river.  Great for children and adults of all levels.  Free parking is available at Kenyon's Grist Mill.  The trip can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, but we are pretty laid back.  Relax and enjoy!  For directions, click here.  

What to See
Painted turtles love to soak in the sun here!  The uplands are composed of white pine stands, oak forest and hayfield. The habitat is characterized by pitch pine on open, largely non-vegetated sand, which only occurs in a few areas in Rhode Island.  Significant areas of wetland are present as well as fresh water mussels, dragonflies, stoneflies, ebony jewelling damselflies and native brook trout.  Lily pads, frogs, geese, foxes, deer, otters and several species of birds such as red-winged black birds, northern flickers, great blue heron, and egrets are among the sights as well.  You will see occasional beaver lodges.

More Information

The Upper Queen’s River is protected by The Nature Conservancy's Queen's River Preserve.  Its watershed encompasses 23,000 acres of forest, field, wetland, and river.  The Nature Conservancy has worked diligently to keep the river maintained with clean, running water due to the number of elements that depend on it.  Forming an important stepping stone between protected lands at the Audubon Society of Rhode Island’s Eppley and Fisherville Brook Wildlife Sanctuaries, conservation lands are critical to the maintenance of the high water quality in the river.  Queen's River Kayak Company is working with the Audubon Society to provide guided access to this natural treasure.  Details to be announced soon!

On the Lower Queen's River & Usquepaugh Pond, Kenyon's Grist Mill has owned water rights since 1696 when the mill was first run by waterpower.  Today, Kenyon's has been continuously dedicated to preserve the river, as well as the community in which it surrounds.  In the winter of 2008, Kenyon's invested in the reconstruction of the earthen dam along Old Usquepaugh 
Road.  In addition, they also care for the picturesque Queen's River Dam, forming the head waters to the Pawcatuck River.

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